Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SRC - SRC (1968)

SRC (short for Scott Richardson Case) is a Detroit rock band from the 60's who released about 5 different albums during their years together. The band consists of Scott Richardson (vocals), Steve Lyman (rhythm guitar and vocals), Gary Quackenbush (lead guitar), Glenn Quackenbush (organ), Robin Dale (bass and vocals), E.G. Clawson (drums). Robin Dale and Gary Quackenbush were both replaced and the groups later works after their 1969 release "Milestones" suffered as they tried to move from psych to prog-rock. So make a note to yourself that if you like this album stop after "Milestones" or you are just going to be disappointed.
Gary Quackenbush is really the pivotal part of this band. His outrageous fuzzed-out guitar work is what really pulls this album together and makes it the truly great psych-rock album that it is. Listening to the guitar work one can't help but think of
Michael Karoli of Can maybe not only and influence on the guitar work, but possibly influenced as well. Granted that is a pretty bold statement, but once you hear that guitar it gets a little uncanny .
Both Glenn and Scott pulled a lot of influence from the groups Procol Harum and The Pretty Things. This shows in the overall psychedelic mood of all the songs on this album.

"Onesimpletask" a song off of this album is posted on the newly added music player to the right so check it out, and make sure to leave comments if you download.




peter_from_home said...

great album! love it ... fuzzy guitar drives U insane, really acid-pop melodies,
raw sound makes U feel the noise... thanks again for your choices.
what about soft machine?

Anonymous said...

great disc thanks for the listen!

tim gault said...

whats the password for the album?