Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Exkursions - Self-Titled (1971)

Alright, here is the first post to start this back up again. This album is the first album by this heavy metal/psych rock band. You will find a lot of different genres of music mixed in this album. There is definitely a good amount of fuzzed out psych guitar that at times borders a heavy metal-esque feel, but never does it get to heavy that one would find it to switch genres completely. You will find that it also has a very bluesy backing to it, an almost Groundhogs sound can be heard at points.

The percussion is rudimentary but at the same time works very well with the vocals and guitar work. In "Its Been Set Down", the song starts with a drum solo that after 30 or so seconds breaks into a very heavy very fuzzed out psych guitar riff that continues throughout the song.

This album has been on just about every playlist that i have created since i have downloaded it. It is very heavy, very bluesy psych rock that if you like bands like The Groundhogs and A.B. Skhy you won't be let down by this album.

Also sorry for the vagueness of this review. It has been awhile since i have had to write one of these so you may just be better off downloading the album and just making your own personal review for it. As always clicking download will take you where you need to go, and remember in order to open the file you will need WinRAR. Just a friendly reminder, while your waiting for this to download, leave a comment, don't just download and run.




Monday, October 1, 2007

Concerning New Posts

Alright, so i found a program that will let me run windows (grr...) on my mac so that i can still run WinRAR. If i wasn't so new to the mac command line, this wouldn't have to be the solution, but since i am, this is the most efficient route that i can take at this time. This is good news for you folks because as i type this i am also compressing and uploading music up to zshare. This means that hopefully, *fingers crossed*, music will be able to be posted and available to you folks either later tonight or tomorrow sometime. 

The first post is an album that i snagged around April or May from another blog, but i am posting it just to make sure that this new program works (and because it is a truly amazing hard rock/psych album). So if all goes as planned it will be off to the races again, and i will be trying my best to get up older post that the links went dead on. Also, like i have mentioned before, if there is something that i posted before that you wanted but the link is now dead, comment and i will get it back up as quick as possible.

As always, this music is for educational and such purposes only, if you like what you hear support the band by buying their old vinyl, or if they have re-issues pick them up. This blog is to help people hear some of the music that doesn't get played near enough. 

Thanks again and keep your eyes open because the day of posting music again is quickly approaching.


Some quick and big news

Just in case you haven't already heard, Radiohead announced that they will be releasing their new album, "In Rainbow" on October 10th, 2007. Yes, that is right, the album that no one has heard much about over the course of the past year is being released for direct download and box set preorders as of now. The best part about this is that they are releasing it sans a label. Why is this good you ask? Well let me enlighten you with what I have found out so far.

Since this is being released by Radiohead, you can direct download it from their site, as of October 10th, and pay WHATEVER AMOUNT YOU THiNK THAT IT IS WORTH. So essentially if you are a real tight ass, you could get it for no more than a dollar. Just follow the directions that appear as you click away through the easiest to navigate Radiohead site i have ever seen to reach the prize of the seventh Radiohead album preorder screen.

The direct download will feature 10 tracks and is a DRM-free MP3. You can preorder this now and will be sent a conformation email telling you how to go about acquiring this album come the 10th. No one really knows what this album will sound like due to the fact that the only people that may have heard these songs are the ones who attended their most recent concerts, so we will all be in for quite a good surprise I am sure.

There is also a preorder for the discbox, which will run about $80 USD, and that includes a double vinyl, which include tracks not found on the direct download, the direct download code, and the album art and such. This set will be packaged in a fancy hardcover-esque book thing and will be shipping out in December. There will also be an actual CD released in the months of December or the early months of 2008 for those of you who don't download music, but then again why would you be here reading this if you didn't download music?

Also, I mean to fulfill my promises of posting music but i am struggling in finding a good program for Mac OS X to use to package albums to upload for you to download. During my years of being tied down to a Windows OS i grew quite fond of WinRAR and am having a hard time finding a program to fill that void. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, but until then i am forced to scour the interweb looking for something that will help me achieve this goal of passing music on to you kind folks.