Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A warm welcome back.....to myself i guess

Alright i apologize to everyone that expected music throughout the summer and was let down due to the fact that i didn't post any at all. For this i do apologize and there was reasoning behind me not posting anything. Also, if there is any albums that the links went dead on and that you would like to have re-upped leave a comment and i will dig around my records and hard drive and see if i can't find it and post it for you again.

With all apologies out of the way i will be posting music again very soon so everyone will have that going for them i guess. Also i just got back from a Flaming Lips/Black Moth Super Rainbow show down in Kansas City, MO which was a mind blowing experience as most Flaming Lips shows are. Even though the set lists never really change from year to year except for the obvious change with the release of a new album the songs that they play are always great to see live.

What really impressed me was the opening act Black Moth Super Rainbow. If you haven't heard of this band i highly suggest checking them out. Their new album "Dandelion Gum" is a great album that really shows that you can have drums, drum machines, sample boards, a bass guitar, and a gong and make some amazing experimental electronic/jam music. The album that they also did with Octopus Project is very good too. So go out spend the 9.99 on iTunes (or what ever means you take in acquiring music) and check them out.

Anyways, I thank all of you who are still swinging by but cursing me none the less for having no new music, and i will have new music coming soon i promise. Patience is a viture.......or that is what they tell me.

Give me a week or two and i will bring the music.....in a big way.