Monday, October 1, 2007

Concerning New Posts

Alright, so i found a program that will let me run windows (grr...) on my mac so that i can still run WinRAR. If i wasn't so new to the mac command line, this wouldn't have to be the solution, but since i am, this is the most efficient route that i can take at this time. This is good news for you folks because as i type this i am also compressing and uploading music up to zshare. This means that hopefully, *fingers crossed*, music will be able to be posted and available to you folks either later tonight or tomorrow sometime. 

The first post is an album that i snagged around April or May from another blog, but i am posting it just to make sure that this new program works (and because it is a truly amazing hard rock/psych album). So if all goes as planned it will be off to the races again, and i will be trying my best to get up older post that the links went dead on. Also, like i have mentioned before, if there is something that i posted before that you wanted but the link is now dead, comment and i will get it back up as quick as possible.

As always, this music is for educational and such purposes only, if you like what you hear support the band by buying their old vinyl, or if they have re-issues pick them up. This blog is to help people hear some of the music that doesn't get played near enough. 

Thanks again and keep your eyes open because the day of posting music again is quickly approaching.


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