Thursday, March 15, 2007

Faust - IV (1973)

Faust is another German psych band from the 70's that didn't quite have the success of bands such as Can or Neu!. Regardless of that fact they still garnished quite a cult following from their multiple albums, one of which was a fan-compiled albums of home recordings. IV was their third album and was a huge failure. It was such a failure that Virgin pulled the plug on their contract thus ending Faust's run and killing the hopes of a fifth LP. (They released a fourth album, but it was through a different label. The name of that album is Outside the Dream Syndicate.)
IV is the album that came a year after the very weird and very schizophrenic Faust Tapes. When listened to after listening to the Faust Tapes, IV seems very subdued. The real problem with this album is that it never really pulls together. It tries to become something, but there really is no defining thing in each song that can pull this album together and make it seem like it is more than just a bunch of random thoughts put on one CD. Granted there are good songs on this album, such as "The Sad Skinhead" and "Picnic on a Frozen River". The songs are good it is just how they compiled these songs that ruins it. This album plays like listening to the entire Faust discography on random, its not bad but it would be better if the songs would compliment each other a little more than they do.
Granted though, you get to hear a lot of good synth, loop, and guitar work. Enough to make this album a worthwhile download if you are a fan of stuff like Can and other Krautrock.

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