Friday, March 9, 2007

Akido - Akido (1972)

Well let us start this day of heavy music posting out with something completely off the wall. What i have posted here is a African-psychedelic album from 1972. What this album has on it is a few really good afro-funk/psychedelic songs that really make the album stick out. Other than those few good songs: Jo Jo Lo, Awade, and Midnight Lady; the album is just a normal psychedelic album. What it does have going for it that separates this album from every other psych album that came out in years before and years to come is that this album relies very heavily on this whole African motif that it incorporates throughout the entire record. Whether it be the erratic tribal drumming in the background or the chanting before the guitars come on in songs like "Awade". Regardless, it is still quite a good premise for world-psych music and its originality makes it a good pick-up.

Please do comment if you download, I would like to know how i am doing, not to inflate my ego, but just to make sure those who are visiting and downloading are enjoying the work i put into this.



Kim Kokosky said...

Hi, I really appreciate you posting this album, but the link is dead, could you maybe re-up this album, I would really appreciate it. Thanks anyway,
Greetings from Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

Thanks, you have some really good stuff on the site.

Keep the good music coming.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a re-up of this? I just found 'Psychedelic Baby' and am itching to hear the remainder of this long out-of-print LP.


- Mike

Anonymous said...

could you put re-up please!

John Greenidge said...

Hi my sister sang backup on this album she is from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, her name is Danielle Delon.

John Greenidge