Monday, March 5, 2007

The Baby Huey Story - The Living Legend (1971)

Alright, since it is Spring break, and i have nothing else to do except post music i figured i would post a couple more albums that you can download and see what you think. Also I am sorry for the various type style and album cover placement, but i am just trying out different styles to find one that i like and want to stick with for the remainder of this blogging adventure.

"The Living Legend" by Baby Huey and the Babysitters is the first one of this second post here. This album was released after the death of Baby Huey. This guy was like 400 lbs. and could just belt it out, but he ended up dying of health complications due to his heroin addiction at the prime age of 26, a year before his first and last album was released. After his death the Babysitters tried Chaka Kahn as a lead singer but disbanded shortly after.

What this is, is a soul album for the masses. The man covers a few songs here and there in it, and they all sound amazing. His stuff has been sampled by various different hip-hop artists such as Ghostface Killah, Ice Cube, and A Tribe Called Quest. You definitely need to check out "A Change is Going to Come" on the album, it will make you realize the talent that this man had.



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