Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Saddle Kings - Our Big Brown Bat

Alright, I have a big surprise for everyone today and that comes in my first post. The album is the Saddle Kings "Our Big Brown Bat". These guys hail from right here in Vermillion, SD and there is actually a few of them still around here. This download contains around 32 songs because this is a double-disc but i didn't want to sort them so i will leave that to you. You really don't even have to sort them because they don't have to be played in any particular order.
Anyways this is a record that i have always enjoyed and i am sure you will as well. Its got a really upbeat alt-country feel to it. There are a lot of good songs on this record. Some of the ones that i have always liked were "Elizabeth", "Kissing Class", "South Dakota Saturday Night", and "Boca Riton High School Football Team". Granted there are a lot more good songs on the album but off the top of my head those are the ones that get the most play time.
The sound is kind of along the lines of Wilco's "Being There" and Son Volt's "Wide Swing Tremolo" or at least that is two of the albums that pop in my head when i listen to it straight through. Regardless give it a listen and i am sure that you will take a quick liking to it just as i did.

Please do comment on this album though because this really isn't an album you can get anywhere else and i do want to know what people think of it, and if you like it next time you are down at Carey's make sure to thank Chris, Franco, Danny, Lance, and Davis for the great record.




hatrix said...

You should tell these wankers to jump in front of the number nine. Sorry to say, but these dreams need to die out to and spare us our bloody ears!

Anonymous said...

Come on Bobby, "Elizabeth" is a rotten song.

Elizabeth said...

What's up!?! Long time reader, but, first time poster. Love it. Absolutely L-O-V-E IT!!! Where can I grab these guys. I need it N-O-W!!!